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AR Coated Glass

AR Coated Glass AR Coated Glass AR Coated Glass AR Coated Glass
Product name : AR Coated Glass
Item :
Details :
Specifications and package   
. Thickness 3mm-10mm; Standard 3.2mm & 4.0mm
 Maximum Size:  1500*3000mm
. packing wooden case , plywood case, foil packing

Our nanometer coating technology, by precise controlling of structure, physical, and chemical properties of nanometer materials and combining the precision coating technology, produces approximately 100-300nm thickness monolayer film on the glass surface, which will form a reflectance-optimized nanometer porous layer that makes the reflective index declining from 8% to 1 %( in the air).
This effect makes low-iron glass light transmittance increased to 96%.

(as shown in the picture: Comparison between Normal Low-iron Glass and AR Coating Solar Glass)

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